Whoopie Pies

Classic Whoopie

Classic Whoopie

What Are Whoopies?

AKA whoopie pies or gobs, our whoopies consist of two cake-like cookies with various buttercream fillings (think peanut butter, espresso, lemon…).

Why Whoopies?

They are fun to eat (and to bake). Also – a little whoopie makes life sweeter!

whoopies2Always Available…

  • Classic – chocolate cake-cookies w/ vanilla buttercream filling
  • Red Velvet – red velvet cake-cookies w/ vanilla buttercream filling
  • PB&C – chocolate cake-cookies w/ creamy peanut butter Italian buttercream filling
  • Espresso Yourself – chocolate cake-cookies w/ mocha Italian buttercream & cocoa nibs (fresh espresso from Torque Coffee Roasters in the cake and filling)
  • That’s S’more Like It – stout-infused cake-cookies w/ drizzles of chocolate ganache & fluffy buttercream (made with locally brewed stout)

Seasonal Varieties…

  • Lemon -vanilla cake-cookie w/ lemon buttercream (spring, summer)
  • Cool It – chocolate cake-cookies w/ mint buttercream (winter)
  • Cool It, Chippy! – above, with added miniature chocolate chips! (winter)
  • Pumpkin – spiced pumpkin w/ vanilla buttercream (fall, winter)
  • Gingerbread – spiced gingerbread w/ spiced buttercream (winter)

DSC_8481Available custom order by the dozen (prices vary from $33 to $38, depending on the variety). Mini Whoopies (not all flavors) start at $19 a dozen.