Thanksgiving Offerings


  • Tuesday – 7 am to 3 pm
  • Wednesday – 7 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday – closed
  • Friday – 9 am to 3 pm
  • Saturday – 8:30 am to  3 pm

View our Thanksgiving Menu, which offers a variety of savory and sweet options for your holiday table! Meze platters, cookie trays, pies, cheesecakes – and of course, our hand-crafted rolls!

Thanksgiving orders are due by Wednesday November 15rd.

Thanksgiving orders may be picked up on Wednesday, November 23rd between 10 am and 6 pm (we will open at 7 am, but not all pies and breads will be ready until 10 am).

You can open a pdf file with our menu here: THANKSGIVING OFFERINGS

Thank you for choosing deda’s – we are honored to be a part of your Thanksgiving experience!
Meze​ ​Platter -roasted red pepper & walnutspread, feta-lemon spread, roasted vegetables, house olives, roasted garlic tomatoes, mixed savory nuts & house-made crostini
$50 – serves up to 10

Charcuterie​ ​Platter -assorted salumi & cheeses, house olives, savory mixed nuts, roasted red peppers, fig spread & crostini
$75 – serves up to 12

House​ ​Olives​ ​- Frescatrano & mixed black olives infused w/ orange zest, garlic & olive oil
Salumi​ -a selection of prosciutto, sopressata, genoa and capicola
We offer custom party platters to serve larger parties – please email to inquire.

Cookie​ ​Tray
selection of cookies & shortbread to include Chocolate Chippers, Rodney Dangerfields, Double Chocolates, Gingerbread Molasses & Chocolate-Cinnamon Shortbread Bites
$25 – serves 8 to 10

Sweet​ ​Somethings​ ​Platter
all of the cookies included in the Cookie Tray, with the addition of Signature Streusel Brownies, Pumpkin Bars & Holiday Spritz
$45 – serves 15 to 20

Rolls offered in packages of SIX
Rosemary​ ​Rolls​ – chewy, yet light w/ fresh rosemary – $6.50
Spiced​ ​Sweet​ ​Potato​ ​Rolls​ – fragrant & tender – $6.50
Cranberry​ ​Walnut​ ​Rolls​ – chewy w/ nice depth of flavor – $7.00
Pain​ ​de​ ​Mie.​ ​-​ ​our classic ‘sandwich loaf’, incredibly soft and tender $4.00
Multigrain​ ​-​ ​made w/ our 14 year old starter for a complex flavor. W/ bulgur, millet, flax, barley, and steel cut oats for a chewy, slightly crunchy texture​ ​$5.50

9” pies serve 6 to 8 8” cheesecakes serve 6 to 8

Spiced​ ​Apple​ ​Pie​ – a classic apple pie w/ cinnamon & a touch of nutmeg
w/ buttery streusel topping – $20 OR w/ top crust – $20

Pumpkin​ ​Pie​ – lightly spiced pumpkin pie on a gingersnap-enhanced
buttery pie crust – $19

Pumpkin​ ​Praline​ ​Pecan​ – spiced pumpkin pie on a classic butter crust
w/ a brown sugar praline-pecan topping – $24

Classic​ ​Mixed​ ​Fruit​ ​- a mound of berries -Marion, blue, boysen &
raspberry w/ a top crust – $24

Transparent​ ​Pie​ ​- sweet, thick, sort of custard-y…it’s a ‘Southern thing’
comes w/ a side of sugared cranberries to serve on top – $24

S’more​ ​Pie​ – graham cracker crust, decadent chocolate filling, a layer of
marshmallow meringue…did we mention there’s whiskey in here, too? –

Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie – classic crust w/ a traditional pecan pie filling – if by tradition you mean w/ genuine Kentucky Bourbon, that is!  – $26

Classic​ ​Cheesecake​ – slightly dense, w/ just the right amount of
sweetness, on a graham cracker crust – $17
w/ real Marionberries swirled throughout – $19
w/ ribbons of bittersweet chocolate -$20

Pumpkin​ ​Cheesecake​ ​- lightly spiced pumpkin cheesecakes on a
graham cracker & gingersnap crust – $22

Turtle​ ​Cheesecake​ – our Classic w/ swirls of chocolate and
house-made caramel on a graham cracker & pecan crust – $24

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake – our Classic w/ plenty of miniature chocolate chips throughout – $20