Mardi Gras King Cake



Want to know all about King Cakes? Here’s the “school response”.

Created to honor the Epiphany–or Three Kings Day, King Cake is a yeasted, filled coffee cake. It is decorated with green, gold and purple sugars–each color representing one of the three Wise Men. And just as the Three Kings came ‘bearing gifts’, there’s a little gift inside this cake! A small plastic baby–meant to represent the baby Christ–is tucked inside the cake. Tradition states that if you serve this cake to your guests, the person who gets the slice with the plastic baby is considered lucky. Personally, I think anyone who gets to enjoy a slice of King Cake is lucky!

In New Orleans, King Cakes are widely popular and are enjoyed from January straight through to Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent begins).  During this Mardi Gras season, parties are thrown and King Cakes are shared and consumed by many. Anyone who gets a slice with the plastic baby is expected to carry on the festivities by buying a King Cake and hosting the party the following year.  Though in the Crescent City it does seem as if the festivities are year-round! As they say in New Orleans – Laissez les bons temps rouler!

That’s the textbook response. Here’s what we think…

King Cakes are FUN! You take a nice rich dough, roll it out, fill it with yummy things (butter, sugar, cinnamon), roll it back up – braid it, twist it, bake it. Then you get to pour icing all over it and top it all off with colored sugar galore! It’s a straightforward sweet treat – nothing too fancy, but certainly colorful and pretty. And maybe a little messy to eat. That’s part of the fun – getting all the sugar on your hands. If you find the baby in your piece – well, that’s just the icing on top.

I remember my Dad making King Cakes years and years ago. We lived in Texas–a mere eight hour drive from New Orleans. It’s a drive I made more times than I can recall, one of the last times being when Chris and I were married in that great city. So for me, King Cakes represent good times, wonderful memories and tradition. We are thrilled to bake up King Cakes for our community! Want to join in the fun?

Classic King Cakes – 9″ yeasted coffee cake w/ swirls of cinnamon-sugar – $15.00

Pecan Praline King Cake – 9″ yeasted coffee cake w/ toasted pecans & praline filling – $18.00

All King Cakes will come with a plastic baby on the side. As the host or hostess, simply place the baby inside the cake (from the underside of the cake) and wait to see which of your guests will host next year’s party!

Please order your King Cakes by Saturday, February 3rd. King Cakes will be available to pick up on Saturday, February 10th (between 10:30 am and 3 pm).

Laissez le dous temps rouler  – let the sweet times roll!