Cat’s Candies

barkpackaged2Fudgy Brownies and Nutella Scones are all fine and good. But sometimes, a gal’s gotta have something…more. Something that takes her to that ‘happy chocolate place’, where everything’s rich and delicious and has absolutely no calories is the kind of treat you deserve for whatever you just did. Cat’s Bark should do the trick.

Made with premium chocolate, lightly salted nuts and a variety of other goodies (dried fruit, candy canes, peanut butter, Nutella), Cat’s Bark gives you sweet satisfaction in every bite. Except the last one, because then you’re sad.


Cranberry Pistachio Cat’s Bark

Varieties include Candy Cane (seasonal), Campfire (just like S’mores), Almond Toffee, Mendiant (dried fruit and assorted nuts), Toffee Peanut Crunch, Dark Roasted Almond, and Pistachio Cranberry.