Brownies, Bars & Cookies

Signature Walnut Brownies

In life there are really only two kinds of brownies – ‘cake’ brownies and ‘fudgy’ brownies. At deda’s, we happen to like them both. So much so that we couldn’t choose one over the other. And so, we give you our Signature Brownie. For those of you who share our dilemma.

Signature Brownie – locally milled flour, premium cocoa, plenty of eggs & butter, and chocolate chips for added measure  – good things coming together to make one heck of a brownie.

Signature Walnut – everything above, plus toasted chopped walnuts. Life’s good. Also available with Hazelnuts, because hey – we’re in the Pacific Northwest!

Signature Pecan – maybe you’re from Texas, or maybe you just crave something different. Whatever makes you happy – and if it’s our Signature Brownie with toasted chopped pecans, then we’re happy, too.

The ‘Other Brownie’ – yes, we like both types of brownies. But sometimes, when no one is looking, one of us likes to venture to the dark side. The dark side where brownies border on fudge, and the chocolate experience is so rich and decadent, she – I mean, one of us, almost doesn’t want to come back. Maybe you can relate. If so, try our Dark Side Brownie. And you’ll be in pure fudgy heaven.

Frosted Brownie – yep, we put frosting on our brownies. A nice, thick, creamy layer of chocolate buttercream frosting made from scratch, using Callebaut chocolate on top of a Signature Brownie. Ah, life’s good.

We also make a variety of other “bar” treats (not to be confused with treats you get at a bar…those would be margaritas).  Our most popular – Pie Bars! A cross between a pie and a custard, on a shortbread crust, topped w/ buttery streusel…all in a bar form!  Almost any fruit works well in our Pie Bars but our Marionberry is our most popular.

Available flavors – Marionberry, Apple Walnut (fall/winter), Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach


We love cookies. LOVE them.  But who doesn’t? Cookies are one of those things that just make you happy. Maybe it’s because certain ones remind you of your Grandma’s kitchen or take you back to family holiday gatherings. Or because there is little better than having a hot cup of something in one hand, and a cookie to nibble in the other. Whatever the reason – when you take seemingly simply ingredients like real butter, whole eggs, brown sugar – and mix them all together to create something so wonderful…well, that’s worthy of appreciation.

At deda’s, we like to take the classics – Oatmeal Pecan, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Mint Crinkles, Sugar  – and add our own little twists. Think Snickersnap (cross between a gingerdoodle & a gingersnap) or Little Ricky’s (named after Catherine’s Dad who adored spiced oatmeal pecan cookies). And a personal favorite – our OMGs. An intense double chocolate cookie w/ pecans and walnuts. The kind of cookie you don’t really want to share. Please note that not all cookies are available all the time – we rotate our cookie flavors monthly/seasonally.

So if you love cookies like we love cookies, give ours a try!