deda’s soft biscotti

We don’t have a thing against dentists. But do you really want to visit one just because you tried to enjoy a little treat with your morning coffee? Try our Soft Biscotti. Made with all-natural ingredients and ample fruit/nuts/chocolate/other yummy things. deda’s biscotti – don’t dunk ’em, just enjoy ’em. No dentists required.

Espresso Chip – this one is for you espresso lovers! A dark chocolate & espresso biscotti studded with mini chocolate chips. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cranberry Pistachio – dried cranberries and lightly salted pistachios make the perfect duo in this just right salty-sweet biscotti. Perfect with a cup of herbal tea, or enjoyed out of hand.

Lemon Walnut – not too tart, with freshly grated lemon zest and crunchy toasted walnuts. Scrumptious any time of year.

Avery’s Chocolate Chip – named for a lad near and dear to our heart, this biscotti is reminiscent of old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Why not try with a glass of milk?

Mexican Mocha – a light chocolate biscotti with just the right amount of Ceylon cinnamon, espresso and chocolate chips. A favorite of our boys, though they say that about the Espresso Chip, too!

Pumpkin Pecan – buttery toasted pecans and smooth pumpkin puree work their magic in this seasonal biscotti. Available fall-winter.

Almond Chocolate Chip – despite their diminutive size, the mini chocolate chips in this biscotti lend a nice, chocolately flavor. With a hint of almond extract, it’s a more sophisticated cookie.

Triple Chocolate – the one preferred by most moms, or at least by the one who works at deda’s. Semi-sweet and white chocolate chips add to this cocoa-enhanced cookie.

Our two-packs make a thoughtful and tasty gift! Just email or call us to place an order. Two-packs (same flavor) are $4 each. A log (10-11 pieces) ranges from $19 to $24, depending on the variety. Please ask us about pricing for larger orders.

Cherry Pistachio