We offer an assortment of ready-to-enjoy sandwiches, salad & soup every day! Please check out our chilled pastry case to see that day’s selection. Offerings vary daily – if you are interested in something specific please email to inquire.

Sandwich selections may include…


all served on our house-made breads

Chicken Pesto – shredded chicken breast & basil pesto w/ arugula on Pain de Mie (a really soft and lovely sandwich bread) – 6.50

Turkey, Apple & Brie – slices of tender turkey breast, fresh apples, creamy brie w/ aioli & a smear of orange fig spread, served on Pain de Mie – 6.00

Roasted Veggie – roasted red bell pepper & onions, sauteed mushrooms, baby spinach & goat cheese spread, served on Multigrain – $5.00

Chicken Caesar – shredded chicken breast & Caesar dressing w/ crisp Romaine lettuce & thin slices of red onion, served on croissant – $6.25

Ham & Brie – a classic w/ ham & creamy brie, served on buttered Ficelle (our house-made soft baguette) – 6.00

Double H – ham, genoa salami & havarti cheese w/ shredded lettuce, served on buttered Ficelle – with a touch of Dijon – 7.50

The CAP – mortadella, capicola, genoa salami w/ shredded lettuce, served on Ficelle – 7.50

Zesty Italian – ham, capicola, spicy sopressata & giardiniera w/ shredded lettuce, served on Ficelle – 7.50