Breakfast, Lunch & Dessert Platters

All platters below are meant to offer your guests a selection of house favorites. Custom platters are available – just email and we can create custom options to suit your needs! Napkins and utensils (if needed) included with all platter orders.

We ask for 48 hours notice for all platter and box orders during the regular season. We may require additional notice during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


Pastry Sampler – 26
Ten full-size servings of seasonal pastries – selections may include sweet scones, muffins, frangipane croissants, coffee or snacking cake, cinnamon rolls or almond ring

Breakfast Pastry Platter – a selection of smaller servings of our most popular seasonal pastries. Platter will include some selection of the following: sweet scones, muffins, snacking or coffee cake, brioche pastries, almond ring slices, or frangipane croissants.

small – 30 (serves 8 to 10)         medium – 55 (serves 15 to 20)      large – 90 (serves 25 to 30)

Breakfast Sandwich Platter – 35
Six of our Breakfast Sandwiches, cut in half, served on a disposable tray. Platter includes two each of the following, cut in half:
baked cage-free eggs, ham & Tillamook cheddar on Brioche Bun
baked cage-free eggs, Niman-Ranch breakfast sausage & Coastal Cheddar on English Muffin
baked cage-free eggs & both Coastal and Sharp Cheddar on English Muffin

Box of Scones (not to be confused with the popular show that sounds sort of similar)
twelve mini sweet scones – 18         twelve mini savory scones – 24

– seasonal sweet flavors may include Marionberry, Blueberry-Peach, Cherry Almond, Almond Chocolate Chip, Espresso Chip, Rhubarb-Ginger, or Apple Pie

– savory scone is Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, Sharp Cheddar & Thyme – other flavors are available for an additional charge

Regular size sweet and savory scones, cinnamon rolls, almond brioche rings & other pastries are available by the dozen – please view our Custom Ordering page for information.


Continental Sandwich Platter – 40.
Six of our Cafe Lunch Sandwiches (12 pieces total), cut in half, served on a platter. Accompaniments – individual bags of chips & pickles.
Includes two each of the following, cut in half (please see our Lunch page for sandwich descriptions):
Chicken Pesto on Pain de Mie; Roasted Veggie on Multigrain; Turkey & Havarti on Pain de Mie;

Italian Sandwich Platter – 50.
Six of our Italian Style Sandwiches (18 pieces total), cut in thirds, arranged on a platter.
Accompaniments – individual bags of chips, sides of giardiniera (pickled vegetables) & our house Italian sub sandwich vinaigrette
Includes two each of the following, cut into thirds: Double H: The CAP; Salumi & Provolone

Cookies & Friends Platter – a selection of seasonal favorite cookies, shortbread & biscotti
small – 15 (serves 8 to 10)      medium – 30 (serves 15 to 20)

Sweet Treats Platter – a selection of assorted seasonal cookies, shortbread, brownies & bars
small – 24 (serves 8 to 10)       medium – 44 (serves 15 to 20)      large – 60 (serves 25 to 30)