A Baker and His Wife

It was the age-old story. Boy meets girl. Girl shares her unrelenting need for chocolate. Boy satisfies that need. They also fell in love, but that only sweetened the deal.

Chris Misener is a professionally trained chef and baker. After his tasty education at Le Cordon Bleu Austin, he did stints in various restaurants. While he enjoyed searing massive steaks and smoking fall-off-the-bone BBQ (it was Texas, after all), his heart belonged elsewhere. To his wife, yes – but also to the alluring world of baked goods. Bread, scones, cakes, brownies, pies, mousse – it didn’t matter, so long as he had his hands in the flour, he was content.

Catherine Misener is a professionally trained consumer of chocolate. Trust us, it takes years of intensive training and ain’t always pretty. She also has experience as a caterer and kitchen manager (and a college instructor, but that’s neither here or there). Early on in life she realized she either had to become a chef or marry one. Ahem.

Together, they are deda’s bakery. So named because ‘deda’ was what came out of their first son’s mouth instead of ‘daddy’. Their second son followed suit, both in calling Chris ‘deda’ and in his culinary passion. This is truly a family business.

deda’s bakery was first opened in Ann Arbor, Michigan, thanks to the love and support of Chris’ father – Terry Misener. Goods were baked, treats were shared, and their business thrived. Sadly, Terry passed away in 2007. Eventually, the Miseners decided to move to the Pacific Northwest, a place Terry claimed was one of the best places to live. He was right. And, he will be forever missed.